TOSHIBA Dynabook R730

10.8V 6600mAh

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10.8V 6600mAh

Compatible Models:
PA3831U-1BR S

PA3832U-1BR S

PA3929U-1BR S




Fit Models:
Dynabook R730/26A

Dynabook R730/39A

Dynabook R731/16C

Dynabook R731/36C

Dynabook R731/37C

Dynabook R731/39B

Dynabook R731/W2JC

Dynabook R731/W2PD

Dynabook R731/W4UC

Dynabook R732/F

Dynabook R732/W4UF

Dynabook R742

Dynabook RX3 SM240E/3HD

Dynabook RX3 TM226Y/3HD

Dynabook RX3 TN266E/3HD

Dynabook RX3/T8M

Dynabook RX3W/8MW

Portege R700-01B

Portege R700-13K

Portégé R700-15R

Portégé R700-15V

Portégé R700-160

Portege R700-174

Portégé R700-17Z

Portégé R700-183

Portégé R700-194

Portege R700-1CQ

Portégé R700-1DE

Portégé R700-1DH

Portégé R700-1F4

Portégé R700-1F7

Portege R700-K03

Portege R700-S1310

Portege R700-S1321

Portege R700-S1330

Portege R705-P25

Portégé R830

Portege R830 PT321A-01L002

Portege R830-00R

Portege R830-01H

Portege R830-02F

Portege R830-05L

Portégé R830-104

Portege R830-10U

Portege R830-112

Portege R830-137

Portégé R830-13C

Portégé R830-1DX

Portégé R830-1HD

Portégé R830-1JZ

Portege R830-S8312

Portege R830-S8330

Portege R835

Portege R835-P56X

Portege R835-P81

Portege R835-P86

Portege R930-10J

Portege R930-117

Portege R930-S9330

Portege R935-P330

Portege R935-ST2N02

Satellite R630-12G

Satellite R630-13F

Satellite R630-13T

Satellite R630-144

Satellite R630-14R

Satellite R630-156

Satellite R830-11C

Satellite R830-181

Satellite R830-1G0

Satellite R830-1L7

Satellite R835-P84

Satellite R840-12C

Satellite R845-S80

Satellite R845-ST6N01

Tecra R700-006

Tecra R700-00E

Tecra R700-00H

Tecra R700-00L

Tecra R840 PT429A-00L004

Tecra R840-008

Tecra R840-00K

Tecra R840-00V

Tecra R840-01J

Tecra R840-02X

Tecra R840-10Q

Tecra R840-12F

Tecra R840-15J

Tecra R840-198

Tecra R840-S8411

Tecra R840-S8422

Tecra R840-S8450

Tecra R840-ST8402

Tecra R940 PT439A-00R003

Tecra R940-1D6

Dynabook R730/27A

Dynabook R730/B

Dynabook R731/16DB

Dynabook R731/36DB

Dynabook R731/37DB

Dynabook R731/B

Dynabook R731/W2MC

Dynabook R731/W2TC

Dynabook R731/W4UD

Dynabook R732/W2TF

Dynabook R732/W5UF

Dynabook R742/F

Dynabook RX3 SN240Y/3HD

Dynabook RX3 TM240E/3HD

Dynabook RX3/T6M

Dynabook RX3/T9M

Dynabook RX3W/9MWMA

Portege R700-02B

Portégé R700-155

Portégé R700-15T

Portégé R700-15W

Portege R700-172

Portégé R700-17W

Portégé R700-181

Portégé R700-184

Portege R700-19H

Portégé R700-1DC

Portégé R700-1DF

Portégé R700-1DJ

Portégé R700-1F5

Portege R700-K01

Portege R700-K05

Portege R700-S1311

Portege R700-S1322

Portege R700-S1331

Portege R705-P35

Portege R830 PT320A-03N007

Portege R830 PT321A-01M002

Portege R830-00S

Portege R830-01J

Portégé R830-02P

Portege R830-06R

Portégé R830-10Q

Portege R830-10V

Portege R830-118

Portégé R830-138

Portégé R830-17C

Portégé R830-1DZ

Portégé R830-1JV

Portégé R830-1K1

Portege R830-S8320

Portege R830-S8332

Portege R835-P50X

Portege R835-P70

Portege R835-P83

Portege R835-ST3N01

Portege R930-115

Portege R930-12Q

Portege R935

Portege R935-P332

Satellite R630

Satellite R630-135

Satellite R630-13J

Satellite R630-13V

Satellite R630-14H

Satellite R630-14X

Satellite R830

Satellite R830-142

Satellite R830-182

Satellite R830-1G1

Satellite R835-P81

Satellite R835-P86

Satellite R840-13J

Satellite R845-S85

Satellite R845-ST6N02

Tecra R700-007

Tecra R700-00F

Tecra R700-00J

Tecra R840

Tecra R840-002

Tecra R840-009

Tecra R840-00L

Tecra R840-012

Tecra R840-020

Tecra R840-04H

Tecra R840-10Z

Tecra R840-13M

Tecra R840-17Q

Tecra R840-199

Tecra R840-S8412

Tecra R840-S8430

Tecra R840-ST8400

Tecra R940

Tecra R940-1CV

Tecra R940-1DC

Dynabook R730/38A

Dynabook R731/16B

Dynabook R731/36B

Dynabook R731/37B

Dynabook R731/38C

Dynabook R731/C

Dynabook R731/W2MD

Dynabook R731/W2TD

Dynabook R732

Dynabook R732/W3TF

Dynabook R741/B

Dynabook RX3 SM226Y/3HD

Dynabook RX3 SN266E/3HD

Dynabook RX3 TN240Y/3HD

Dynabook RX3/T7M

Dynabook RX3W

Portege R700

Portege R700-11E

Portégé R700-15Q

Portégé R700-15U

Portégé R700-15X

Portege R700-173

Portégé R700-17X

Portégé R700-182

Portégé R700-185

Portege R700-19L

Portégé R700-1DD

Portégé R700-1DG

Portégé R700-1F3

Portégé R700-1F6

Portege R700-K02

Portege R700-Oracle

Portege R700-S1320

Portege R700-S1322W

Portege R700-S1332W

Portege R705-P42

Portege R830 PT321A-01K002

Portege R830-003

Portégé R830-01G

Portege R830-01K

Portege R830-030

Portégé R830-0GE

Portege R830-10R

Portege R830-110

Portégé R830-11Q

Portégé R830-139

Portégé R830-195

Portégé R830-1G2

Portégé R830-1JX

Portege R830-S8310

Portege R830-S8322

Portege R830-ST8300

Portege R835-P55X

Portege R835-P75

Portege R835-P84

Portege R930

Portege R930-116

Portege R930-S9320

Portege R935-P326

Portege R935-ST2N01

Satellite R630-102

Satellite R630-138

Satellite R630-13R

Satellite R630-141

Satellite R630-14J

Satellite R630-155

Satellite R830-10C

Satellite R830-143

Satellite R830-1E2

Satellite R830-1GZ

Satellite R835-P83

Satellite R840

Satellite R845

Satellite R845-ST5N01

Satellite R940

Tecra R700-00C

Tecra R700-00G

Tecra R700-00K

Tecra R840 PT429A-006004

Tecra R840-003

Tecra R840-00G

Tecra R840-00U

Tecra R840-017

Tecra R840-021

Tecra R840-10N

Tecra R840-11E

Tecra R840-14H

Tecra R840-17R

Tecra R840-S8410

Tecra R840-S8420

Tecra R840-S8440

Tecra R840-ST8401

Tecra R940 PT439A-00N003

Tecra R940-1CW

Additional information

Weight0.600 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 6.2 cm