TOSHIBA Dynabook CX/45F

10.8V 6600mAh

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10.8V 6600mAh

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Fit Models:

Dynabook CX/45F

Dynabook CX/45G

Dynabook CX/45H

Dynabook CX/45J

Dynabook CX/47F

Dynabook CX/47G

Dynabook CX/47H

Dynabook CX/47J

Dynabook CX/48F

Dynabook CX/48G

Dynabook CX/48H

Qosmio T550/T4BB

Qosmio T550/T4BW

Qosmio T560/T4AB

Qosmio T560/T4AW

Dynabook SS M52 220C/3W

Dynabook SS M52 253E/3W

Dynabook T350/34BB

Dynabook T350/34BR

Dynabook T350/34BW

Dynabook T350/46BB

Dynabook T350/46BR

Dynabook T350/46BW

Dynabook T350/56BB

Dynabook T350/56BR

Dynabook T350/56BW

Dynabook T551-58B

Dynabook T551-58BB

Dynabook T551-58BW

Dynabook T551-D8B

Equium U400

Equium U400-124

Equium U400-145

Equium U400-146

Portege M800

Portege M800 -11J

Portege M800-101

Portege M800-105

Portege M800-106

Portege M800-107

Portege M800-10A

Portege M800-10C

Portege M800-10D

Portege M800-10N

Portege M800-10V

Portege M800-10W

Portege M800-113

Portege M800-116

Portege M800-11B

Portege M800-11F

Portege M800-11G

Portege M800-701

Portege M801

Portege M802

Portege M803

Portege M805

Portege M806

Portege M807

Portege M808

Portege M810

Portege M819

Portege M820

Portege M821

Portege M822

Portege M823

Portege M825

Portege M830

Portege M900

Satellite A665D-S5174

Satellite L310

Satellite L311

Satellite L312

Satellite L315

Satellite L317

Satellite L322

Satellite L323

Satellite M300

Satellite M300-600

Satellite M300-700-R

Satellite M300-900

Satellite M300-J00

Satellite M300-ST3401

Satellite M300-ST3402

Satellite M300-ST3403

Satellite M300-ST4060

Satellite M301

Satellite M302

Satellite M305

Satellite M305-S4815

Satellite M305-S4819

Satellite M305-S4820

Satellite M305-S4822

Satellite M305-S4826

Satellite M305-S4835

Satellite M305-S4848

Satellite M305-S4860

Satellite M305-S49052

Satellite M305-S4907

Satellite M305-S4910

Satellite M305-S4915

Satellite M305-S4920

Satellite M305-S49201

Satellite M305-S49203

Satellite M305-S4990E

Satellite M305-S4991E

Satellite M305D-S4828

Satellite M305D-S4829

Satellite M305D-S4830

Satellite M305D-S4831

Satellite M305D-S4833

Satellite M305D-S48331

Satellite M305D-S4840

Satellite M305D-S4844

Satellite M305D-S48441

Satellite M306

Satellite M307

Satellite M308

Satellite M310

Satellite M311

Satellite M319

Satellite M320

Satellite M321

Satellite M323

Satellite M325

Satellite M326

Satellite M327

Satellite M328

Satellite M330

Satellite M331

Satellite M332

Satellite M333

Satellite M336

Satellite M338

Satellite M339

Satellite Pro M300

Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001V

Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001X

Satellite Pro M300-S1002V

Satellite Pro M300-S1002X

Satellite Pro U400

Satellite Pro U400-10H

Satellite Pro U400-114

Satellite Pro U400-11O

Satellite Pro U400-11V

Satellite Pro U400-122

Satellite Pro U400-123

Satellite Pro U400-126

Satellite Pro U400-127

Satellite Pro U400-12F

Satellite Pro U400-12Y

Satellite Pro U400-130

Satellite Pro U400-13A

Satellite Pro U400-13D

Satellite Pro U400-13O

Satellite Pro U400-142

Satellite Pro U400-153

Satellite Pro U400-15I

Satellite Pro U400-15Q

Satellite Pro U400-17O

Satellite Pro U400-17Q

Satellite Pro U400-18A

Satellite Pro U400-18B

Satellite Pro U400-18L

Satellite Pro U400-18S

Satellite Pro U400-232

Satellite Pro U400-23X

Satellite Pro U400-243

Satellite Pro U400-246

Satellite Pro U400-S1001V

Satellite Pro U400-S1001X

Satellite Pro U400-S1002V

Satellite Pro U400-S1301

Satellite Pro U500-18T

Satellite Pro U500-18U

Satellite Pro U500-18V

Satellite Pro U500-1DK

Satellite Pro U500-1E4

Satellite Pro U500-1E5

Satellite U400

Satellite U400-108

Satellite U400-10I

Satellite U400-10J

Satellite U400-10L

Satellite U400-10M

Satellite U400-10N

Satellite U400-10O

Satellite U400-10T

Satellite U400-112

Satellite U400-11L

Satellite U400-11Q

Satellite U400-11T

Satellite U400-12P

Satellite U400-12R

Satellite U400-134

Satellite U400-13T

Satellite U400-144

Satellite U400-14B

Satellite U400-14M

Satellite U400-14P

Satellite U400-15B

Satellite U400-15E

Satellite U400-15G

Satellite U400-16P

Satellite U400-17H

Satellite U400-183

Satellite U400-189

Satellite U400-217

Satellite U400-21P

Satellite U400-221

Satellite U400-22N

Satellite U400-22Z

Satellite U400-23L

Satellite U400-C01

Satellite U400-ST3301

Satellite U400-ST3302

Satellite U400-ST5404

Satellite U400-ST6301

Satellite U405

Satellite U405-S2817

Satellite U405-S2820

Satellite U405-S2824

Satellite U405-S2826

Satellite U405-S2830

Satellite U405-S2833

Satellite U405-S2854

Satellite U405-S2856

Satellite U405-S2857

Satellite U405-S2878

Satellite U405-S2882

Satellite U405-S2911

Satellite U405-S2915

Satellite U405-S29151

Satellite U405-S29153

Satellite U405-S2918

Satellite U405-S2920

Satellite U405-ST550W

Satellite U405D

Satellite U405D-S2846

Satellite U405D-S2848

Satellite U405D-S2850

Satellite U405D-S2852

Satellite U405D-S2863

Satellite U405D-S2870

Satellite U405D-S2874

Satellite U405D-S2902

Satellite U405D-S2910

Satellite U500-119

Satellite U500-11C

Satellite U500-11D

Satellite U500-12C

Satellite U500-176

Satellite U500-178

Satellite U500-186

Satellite U500-1CN

Satellite U500-1DZ

Satellite U500-1E0

Satellite U500-1EX

Satellite U500-1GC

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Weight0.600 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 6.2 cm


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