Sony NP-QM91D

7.2v 4050mAh

All camera batteries are brought in on order only. There is a lead time of roughly 3-4 working days provided that the supplier has stock.  Please confirm availability before ordering.



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7.2v 4050mAh

Compatible Models:

Sony  CCD-TRV107
Sony  CCD-TRV108
Sony  CCD-TRV118
Sony  CCD-TRV128
Sony  CCD-TRV138
Sony  CCD-TRV150
Sony  CCD-TRV250
Sony  CCD-TRV270
Sony  CCD-TRV285
Sony  CCD-TRV308
Sony  CCD-TRV318
Sony  CCD-TRV328
Sony  CCD-TRV338
Sony  CCD-TRV350
Sony  CCD-TRV608
Sony  DCR-DVD100
Sony  DCR-DVD101
Sony  DCR-DVD200
Sony  DCR-DVD201
Sony  DCR-DVD300
Sony  DCR-DVD301
Sony  DCR-PC100
Sony  DCR-PC101
Sony  DCR-PC105
Sony  DCR-PC110
Sony  DCR-PC115
Sony  DCR-PC120BT
Sony  DCR-PC330
Sony  DCR-PC9
Sony  DCR-TRV10
Sony  DCR-TRV11
Sony  DCR-TRV140
Sony  DCR-TRV147
Sony  DCR-TRV147E
Sony  DCR-TRV17
Sony  DCR-TRV18
Sony  DCR-TRV19
Sony  DCR-TRV20
Sony  DCR-TRV22
Sony  DCR-TRV230
Sony  DCR-TRV240
Sony  DCR-TRV25
Sony  DCR-TRV250
Sony  DCR-TRV260
Sony  DCR-TRV27
Sony  DCR-TRV280
Sony  DCR-TRV30
Sony  DCR-TRV325
Sony  DCR-TRV33
Sony  DCR-TRV330
Sony  DCR-TRV340
Sony  DCR-TRV350
Sony  DCR-TRV360
Sony  DCR-TRV38
Sony  DCR-TRV380
Sony  DCR-TRV39
Sony  DCR-TRV460
Sony  DCR-TRV480
Sony  DCR-TRV50
Sony  DCR-TRV530
Sony  DCR-TRV6
Sony  DCR-TRV70
Sony  DCR-TRV730
Sony  DCR-TRV740
Sony  DCR-TRV8
Sony  DCR-TRV80
Sony  DCR-TRV830
Sony  DCR-TRV840
Sony  DCR-TRV890
Sony  DCR-TRV950
Sony  DSR-PDX10
Sony  HDR-HC1
Sony  HDR-SG1
Sony  HDR-UX1
Sony  HDV-A1U
Sony  HVL-ML20M
and more models.

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Weight0.125 kg
Dimensions13 × 8.5 × 4.8 cm


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