Sony NP-FV50 replacement battery

7.2v 1050mAh

All camera batteries are brought in on order only. There is a lead time of roughly 5-7 working days provided that the supplier has stock.  Please confirm availability before ordering.



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7.2v 1050mAh

Compatible Models:

Sony DCR-PJ5
Sony DCR-SR15E
Sony DCR-SR20
Sony DCR-SR20E
Sony DCR-SR21
Sony DCR-SR21E
Sony DCR-SR68
Sony DCR-SR78
Sony DCR-SR78E
Sony DCR-SR88
Sony DCR-SX15
Sony DCR-SX15E
Sony DCR-SX20
Sony DCR-SX20E
Sony DCR-SX21
Sony DCR-SX21E
Sony DCR-SX33
Sony DCR-SX33E
Sony DCR-SX34
Sony DCR-SX34E
Sony DCR-SX43
Sony DCR-SX43E
Sony DCR-SX44
Sony DCR-SX45
Sony DCR-SX45/L
Sony DCR-SX45/S
Sony DCR-SX45E
Sony DCR-SX53
Sony DCR-SX53E
Sony DCR-SX63
Sony DCR-SX65
Sony DCR-SX83
Sony DCR-SX85
Sony DCR-SX85/S
Sony DCR-SX85E
Sony Digital Recording Binoculars DEV-3
Sony Digital Recording Binoculars DEV-5
Sony FDR-AX33
Sony Handycam NEX-VG10
Sony Handycam NEX-VG20
Sony Handycam NEX-VG20H
Sony Handycam NEX-VG30
Sony Handycam NEX-VG900
Sony HDR-CX110
Sony HDR-CX130
Sony HDR-CX150
Sony HDR-CX150E
Sony HDR-CX160
Sony HDR-CX170
Sony HDR-CX190
Sony HDR-CX200
Sony HDR-CX210
Sony HDR-CX220
Sony HDR-CX230
Sony HDR-CX250
Sony HDR-CX260V
Sony HDR-CX280
Sony HDR-CX290
Sony HDR-CX300
Sony HDR-CX320
Sony HDR-CX330
Sony HDR-CX350
Sony HDR-CX350E
Sony HDR-CX350V
Sony HDR-CX360
Sony HDR-CX370
Sony HDR-CX370V
Sony HDR-CX380
Sony HDR-CX390
Sony HDR-CX400
Sony HDR-CX410
Sony HDR-CX430
Sony HDR-CX510
Sony HDR-CX550
Sony HDR-CX550E
Sony HDR-CX550V
Sony HDR-CX560
Sony HDR-CX560V
Sony HDR-CX580
Sony HDR-CX580V
Sony HDR-CX700
Sony HDR-CX700V
Sony HDR-CX730
Sony HDR-CX740
Sony HDR-CX760
Sony HDR-CX760V
Sony HDR-HC9
Sony HDR-PJ10
Sony HDR-PJ200
Sony HDR-PJ230
Sony HDR-PJ260
Sony HDR-PJ26V
Sony HDR-PJ30V
Sony HDR-PJ320
Sony HDR-PJ330
Sony HDR-PJ340
Sony HDR-PJ350
Sony HDR-PJ380
Sony HDR-PJ390
Sony HDR-PJ420
Sony HDR-PJ430
Sony HDR-PJ430V
Sony HDR-PJ50V
Sony HDR-PJ510
Sony HDR-PJ540
Sony HDR-PJ580V
Sony HDR-PJ650V
Sony HDR-PJ670
Sony HDR-PJ710V
Sony HDR-PJ760V
Sony HDR-PJ790V
Sony HDR-PJ810
Sony HDR-TD10V
Sony HDR-TD20V
Sony HDR-TD30V
Sony HDR-XR150
Sony HDR-XR150E
Sony HDR-XR155
Sony HDR-XR160
Sony HDR-XR260V
Sony HDR-XR350
Sony HDR-XR350E
Sony HDR-XR350V
Sony HDR-XR550
Sony HDR-XR550E
Sony HDR-XR550V
Sony HXR-MC50
Sony HXR-MC50E
Sony HXR-MC50U
Sony HXR-NX30
Sony HXR-NX70


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