BST-906 Digital Universal Quick Charger

with discharge function



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NiCd or NiMh Charger with LCD Display

Capable of charging up to 4 x AAA, up to 4 x AA, up to 4 x C size or up to 4 x D size.  Also has the option to charge up to 2 x 9v batteries.

The 9v batteries charge operation is displayed by LED lights on the charger and not on the LCD display.

This charger also has a discharge function which assists in prolonging the life of NiCd and NiMh batteries.


Input: 100-240v 200mA or 12v DC 800mAh (12v DC Cable not supplied)

Charging Current for AAA/AA/C/D: 1000mA

Charging Current for 9v: 25mA

DIscharge Current: 300-500mA

Dimensions: 194mm x 52mm x 94mm


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