Power Supply 12v DC 3A with 8Ah GEL

Back up power supply unit with 12v 8Ah Gel Battery



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A 12V DC 3A Power supply in Metal Enclosure with Keylock. 12v 8Ah Gel battery included.

A 36w constant voltage uninterruptible power supply that meets the RoHS requirements.    ..

This unit provides extra power to your 12v devices during load shedding.  Typical applications are:

  1. Provides a longer run time to your alarm system
  2. Provides a longer run time to your gate motor
  3. Back up power to your wifi routers

Built-in charger with 1A charging current

Maximum Load:  3A

Additional information

Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions31.5 × 21.5 × 9 cm