JH-168 Hearing Aid amplifier

  • Exquisite design, easily accessible buttons for ease of operation.
  • To protect the ear, adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
  • Different shape earplugs are provided, which can fit different people’s ear;
  • Open fit type hearing aid, the tube can be adjusted to different ear sizes to ensure comfort.
  • Clear sound quality with low noise microphone, balanced armature loudspeaker and high gain integrated amplifier;
  • One switch will adjust between low and high frequency  for differing environments.

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  • Adjust volume to the minimum level or switch off before wearing.
  • To choose the right size of ear tips to avoid any extra noise.
  • Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
  • If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.
  • Please regularly clean the ear plugs in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids.
  • Use for long periods of time, please remove the batteries to prevent rot erosion hearing aid components.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • The device is not water resistant.
  • Free one way shipping.
Max Sound Output125 ± 5dBVoltage1.5V
Sound Gain≥45dBBattery sizeLR754
Total Harmonic≤5%Battery size68
Wave Distortion
Operation≤4mAOperation current/mA4.5
Frequency Range200-6000HzWorking time/H15
Input Noise≤30dBCertificationFDA
PackagePacking box TypePacking box SizeWeight
color boxMachine size/cm1.2*0.8*4.3.40 Kg

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