Hybrid Inverter 1500W 24v 80Ah Lithium + Wifi Card



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Hybrid Inverter 1500W 24v 80Ah Lithium + Wifi Card

Key Features:

  • Plug and Play – solar compatible, all-in-one system
  • Pure Sine Wave Output – 24v 1500W
  • Automatic DC to AC conversion
  • Inbuilt AC Charger + Solar MPPT Charge Controller
  • Wide AC Voltage & Frequency for AC and Generator input
  • Inbuilt 80Ah LifePO4 battery
  • DC Cold Start and automatic Self-Diagnostic function
  • 5 working modes to choose from – Mains Priority, Energy Saving, Battery Priority, Mains Priority Unattended Mode, Battery Priority Unattended Mode
  • High Efficiency Design
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Smart LCD Display
  • AC Charging current – Adjustable
  • RS485 Communication Port
  • WiFi Plug for remote monitoring

Technical Specifications:

Input: 230v: 52-288VAC
Output Frequency: 45-63Hz (Mains mode) 50/60Hz +/- 1% (Battery Mode)
Output Voltage: AC230/110 +/- 2% (Battery Mode) AC230/110 +/- 15% (Main Mode)
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency: >85%
Type of Battery: Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Rated Voltage: 24v
AC Charging Current (Max): 20A Max (can be set 5-10-20A)
Protection: Overload, Short Circuit, Battery high and low voltage, AC input high and low voltage protection
Conversion Method: Interactive
Overload Capacity: Overload 110-120%: the output will turn off after 30 secs; overload 160%: the output will be turned off
after 30ms

Solar Charge Controller Type: MPPT Solar Controller
Solar Charge Controller Current: 60A
Solar Charge Controller PV Input(Max): 12v/24v:80v/48; 150v/96: 280V (Max)
Solar Charge Controller Input Power (Max): 24v: 10A:240W/ 20A:480W/ 30A:720W/ 50A:1200W/ 60A:1440W (MAX)

Communication Port: RS232 / USB / SNMP (Optional)

Working Environment  – Temperature: -15°C – 50°C
– Humidity: 10% – 90%


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