HP DV 2 10.8V

10.8V 4400mAh/49Wh

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10.8V 4400mAh/49Wh

Compatible Models:




Fit Models:
Pavilion dv2

Pavilion dv2-1000 Series

Pavilion dv2-1000eo

Pavilion dv2-1000ep

Pavilion dv2-1001au

Pavilion dv2-1001ax

Pavilion dv2-1001eg

Pavilion dv2-1001et

Pavilion dv2-1001xx

Pavilion dv2-1002au

Pavilion dv2-1002ax

Pavilion dv2-1002xx

Pavilion dv2-1003au

Pavilion dv2-1003ax

Pavilion dv2-1004au

Pavilion dv2-1004ax

Pavilion dv2-1005au

Pavilion dv2-1005ax

Pavilion dv2-1005ee

Pavilion dv2-1005ei

Pavilion dv2-1006au

Pavilion dv2-1006ax

Pavilion dv2-1007au

Pavilion dv2-1007ax

Pavilion dv2-1008au

Pavilion dv2-1008ax

Pavilion dv2-1009au

Pavilion dv2-1009ax

Pavilion dv2-1010au

Pavilion dv2-1010ax

Pavilion dv2-1010ea

Pavilion dv2-1010ed

Pavilion dv2-1010el

Pavilion dv2-1010eo

Pavilion dv2-1010ep

Pavilion dv2-1010ez

Pavilion dv2-1011au

Pavilion dv2-1011ax

Pavilion dv2-1012au

Pavilion dv2-1012ax

Pavilion dv2-1013ax

Pavilion dv2-1014ax

Pavilion dv2-1015ax

Pavilion dv2-1015ee

Pavilion dv2-1015ei

Pavilion dv2-1016ax

Pavilion dv2-1017ax

Pavilion dv2-1018ax

Pavilion dv2-1019ax

Pavilion dv2-1020ax

Pavilion dv2-1020ca

Pavilion dv2-1020ed

Pavilion dv2-1020ef

Pavilion dv2-1020el

Pavilion dv2-1020er

Pavilion dv2-1021ax

Pavilion dv2-1022ax

Pavilion dv2-1023ax

Pavilion dv2-1023ef

Pavilion dv2-1024ax

Pavilion dv2-1024ca

Pavilion dv2-1025ax

Pavilion dv2-1025ee

Pavilion dv2-1025es

Pavilion dv2-1026ax

Pavilion dv2-1027ax

Pavilion dv2-1027ca

Pavilion dv2-1028ax

Pavilion dv2-1029ax

Pavilion dv2-1030ax

Pavilion dv2-1030ea

Pavilion dv2-1030el

Pavilion dv2-1030en

Pavilion dv2-1030eo

Pavilion dv2-1030us

Pavilion dv2-1031ax

Pavilion dv2-1032ax

Pavilion dv2-1033cl

Pavilion dv2-1035ea

Pavilion dv2-1040ef

Pavilion dv2-1040ew

Pavilion dv2-1043ca

Pavilion dv2-1044ca

Pavilion dv2-1050eg

Pavilion dv2-1050en

Pavilion dv2-1050es

Pavilion dv2-1050ew

Pavilion dv2-1070eg

Pavilion dv2-1090eo

Pavilion dv2z

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Dimensions30 × 10 × 6.2 cm