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12v 105Ah Deep Cycle Battery – Tapered Terminal

Electrical Specifications
Voltage (V):  12
Capacity (Ah) 20 Hour Rate:  105
Cold Cranking Amps @ (- 18⁰ C) En:  800
Reserve Capacity (Minutes)
Load Test:  315 Amps for 15 seconds (above 9.3 Volts)
Operating Temperature: – 18⁰C to 52⁰C

Max. Length (mm): (L) 330
Max. Width (mm): (W) 175
Max. Height (mm): (L) 240

Mass (Weight Kg): 23,7
Case Material: Poly Propylene
Flame Arrestor (FA): Yes
Bottom hold down: B01
Type of Terminal: Tapered Terminal

Grid Design
Calcium- Silver Power frame Grid Technology delivers consistant power reserves to meet any
challenge. The grid alloy, unique in Europe, is formed of a positive calcium-Silver grid and a
negative Calcium grid, reducing the batteries water consumption to a minimum. Battery
expected design life in a UPS application between 3-5 years under correct operating conditions.

NOTE:  6 month warranty

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