9v EVE Lithium

1 – 19 Batteries @ R109.64 per Battery.

20 – 49 Batteries @ R103.55 per Battery.

50+ Batteries @ R91.37 per Battery.


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●High energy density
●Wide operating temperature range
●Flat discharge voltage curve
●Light weight
●Lasts up to 5X longer than ordinary 9V alkalinebatteries
●Lasts up to 10X longer than Carbon-zinc batteries

Voltage Range:  5.4v to 9.9v

Average Voltage:  9.0v

Nominal Capacity:  1.2Ah @ 9mA to 5.4v @ 23°C

Max Discharge: 120mA Continuous

Pulse Capacity:  Up to 400mA

Weight: 36.5g


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Weight 0.037 kg
Dimensions 4.85 × 2.65 × 1.75 cm

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