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14.4V 2500mAh Li-Ion Conversion



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14.4V Li-Ion Conversion – 2500mAh

We are able to convert most power tool batteries from Ni-Cd to Li-ion.  We repack using high drain, LG 2500mAh cells.

The big advantage of this is that the battery is then half its original weight and has up to double the capacity. The battery is supplied with a charger as Li-ion batteries charge differently from a NiCd or NiMh battery. Only one charger is needed as you can charge one battery whilst the other is in use.

Prices start from R602.00 incl a charger for a 12 v battery.  14.4v starts at R678.00 inl. and the 18v starts at R802.00incl.

Charging a 1 Amp it will take roughly 2 hours to fully charged depending on state of charge at the beginning.

Please note that you would have to send us your battery in order for us to do your conversion.

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Weight.345 kg
Dimensions11 × 9.5 × 11 cm

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