14.4v 1.2Ah Bosch NiCd Battery Inner Pack

PLEASE NOTE:  This is the inner cell pack only and does not include the casing.  Lead time to dispatch is +/- 7 working days

Please ensure that the battery you order, is the correct one for your drill.  Should we not have your exact model listed, please advise with regard to your model number so as to ensure you get the correctly configured pack.


Available on preorder


Lead time to dispatch is +/- 7 working days

Please Check the height of your pack,  Some Bosch batteries require Sub C size cells and some will only accommodate 4/5 Sub C cells.  Please ensure you order the correct inner pack.  If your battery says 4/5Cs on the label, this is the correct inner pack for you.

Part Numbers: 2 607 335 276

This is the inner cell pack only.  You will then need to transfer the pack into your existing casing.  Please note that you will need access to a soldering iron in order to complete the job.

We repack all 12v , 14.4v 18v and 24 or 36v NiCd and NiMh batteries.

All repacked drill batteries have a 12 month warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9 × 10.5 cm