12v 6Ah LifePO4 Enertec


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12v 6Ah LifePO4 Enertec

Nominal Voltage:      12.8v

Nominal Capacity:     6Ah

Delivery Voltage:     12.8v – 13.6v

Max Continuous Charge Current:   <6A     Recommended 2A-4A

Max Continuous Discharge Current:  <6A     Peak: 10A<5s

Max Charge Voltage:  14.6v

Discharge Cut-off Voltage:  10v

Life Cycle:  > 2 000 @ 90% DOD

Series Connection:  Max 2 pcs (24v)

Parallel Connection:  Max 4 pcs

Dimensions:  151mm x 65mm x 94mm

Net Weight:  0.8kg

Terminals:  F2

Insulation:  IP54 (splash and dust proof)