12v 7Ah Lithium Replacement Battery – 12.8v 7Ah

NOTE: Maximum of 4 in series or 4 in parallel

Only to be used with suitable charger




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12.8v 7Ah LifePO4 Battery

Electrical Specifications:
Nominal Voltage:  12.8v
Nominal Capacity: 7Ah
Energy: 92.16Wh
Maximum Modules in Series: 1

Discharge Specifications:
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 7A
Standard Discharging Current: 1.44A
Discharge Cut-off voltage: 10v
Over Discharge Current: 18 +/- 5A

Charge Specifications:
Recommended Charge Current: 1.44 (0.2C)
Maximum Charge Current: 7A
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.6v +/- 0.2v
Over Charging Protect: 3.65 +/- 0.25v

Mechanical Specifications:
Dimensions: (L x W x H) : 151mm x 65mm x 94mm (100mm with terminals)
Weight: 1.0kg
Terminal Type: T1 or T2 (please stipulate in notes)

IMPORTANT: Maximum of 4 in series or 4 in parallel

1.Before connecting in series, please try to reduce the voltage difference to within 5mV of each battery, otherwise, it will affect the final discharging capabilities.
2.  When connecting in parallel the operating current should not exceed 7A.


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions15.1 × 6.5 × 10 cm