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The Worst Apps for the Environment

The Worst Apps for the Environment

As mobile phones become more and more technologically advanced, the battery life of our gadgets tends to become shorter and shorter. HD cameras, facial recognition and AI have been revolutionary features in recent times, yet it is the apps we use which tend to drain our phones’ batteries.

According to Uswitch, the permissions which apps require to work properly are the main culprits for running down our battery. This can include accessing our location, camera, contacts and calendar etc. Apps which require the most permissions to operate will tend to use up more battery life.

Battery Experts have done the digging to find out which apps are worst for the environment. As well as looking at data portraying which apps drain the most battery life, we’ve also looked into these companies’ energy usage.

Using data from ClickClean, the ‘Clean Energy Index’ of each company uses publicly available data to determine the clean energy usage of companies’ data centres. This takes into account electricity demand, as well as renewable electricity used to power the centres.

We compared the app demand of each app and the ‘clean energy index’ of the respective companies data centre, to produce a ranking system which shows the worst apps for the environment.

The results can be found below:

Worst Apps for the Environment

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