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Facts Every Modern Camper Should Know

Camping has become increasingly popular over the years. The more the world tends to develop, the more people want to go back to their rural roots for their holidays. Stripped of most luxuries, unless glamping you’re provided with a natural non distractive environment to spend quality time with the people you’re with.

Many choose camping because it’s inexpensive, especially once you’ve bared the cost of purchasing the equipment in the first instance. Being able to sleep under the stars is also a massive contributing factor.

There is so much beauty outdoors and we don’t always get time to appreciate it, especially those living and working within a city.  You can literally choose where you get to wake up – mountains, forest, lakes or just somewhere nice and quiet.

It’s also a great place to take your dog and numerous people go camping purely because they like to take their dog on at least one holiday with them a year. They love the outdoors and this way you get to spend quality time with your pet and not have the hassle of organising care for them while you’re away.

If you don’t fancy going rural, you can always choose glamping. Glamping offers large tents that have power sources, beds, chairs, &  sometimes even a sofa- all the luxuries we enjoy at home but outside.

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a camp fire and toasted marshmallows.

Modern day camping comes with all kinds of questions. Where do you go? What month is best? How many nights should you go for? How much should I spend?

The infographic below will give you all the facts you need to know before organising your camping trip.

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